• Baking 101

    This course gives you the advanced skills and techniques to be a connoisseur of fine baked goods. Cakes, cookies, candies, yeast breads are all prepared and served weekly. Making your own gingerbread house is a focal point of this course.

    Fabulous Foods

    This course takes you through the timeline of American food invention, custom and production. You get to create the perfect food.  Unit focuses are food items from breakfast, lunches, snacks, dinner and special occasions such as a tailgate party.


    This course takes your taste buds on a tour of the regional cuisine's of the US, and to geographic areas in Europe, the Pacific Rim and South America. A five-course meal is planned, prepared and eaten each week using the customs and style unique to each location. Bon Appetite' .

    Fashion and Technology*

    This course integrates the art of fashion using technology, and the elements of line, design in the construction of garments. A new feature of the course is Planning Spaces where you learn the principles of design and apply them to your own space. Plan and create your dream dorm room.

    Advanced Nutrition *

    This course provides you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to develop a personal health and wellness goal. Weekly food preparation labs apply and clarify the nutrition principles presented in class. There are also opportunities for taste testing and product sampling during specific units. Sports nutrition and dining out are two of the high lights of the course.


    This course will guide you through the psychology of commitment, love and relationships. You will explore the concepts of dating, marriage, divorce and blended families. A mock wedding and reception is planned and carried out!

    Senior Foods

    This course is every seniors' right of passage. Weekly foods labs produce items such as blueberry muffins, soft pretzels, apple pie, pizza, fajitas, omelets, salads and much more.  This course is what every senior needs before they graduate and move into life on their own.

    Understanding Young Children*

    This course focuses on all aspects of the child, from birth to age five. You will be observing and working with preschool children while developing age appropriate activities in the Child Care Room. The optional Real Care baby assignment is one that you will remember for a lifetime.

    *Students may complete a graduation project in this course.

    All courses are one semester in length.

Last Modified on January 18, 2016