• State College Area High School

    Department of Physical Education Units of Instruction

    9th Grade PE Selective Physical Education 
    10th- 12th grade
     Fitness & Exercise Science 
    10th-12th Grade 
    Lifeguarding (Must be 15 years old & pass swimming skills test)
    Health-Related Fitness Activities
    • Aerobic Fitness (Step aerobics, spinning, running,etc.)
    • Muscular Fitness (resistance bands, bands, strength equipment, etc.)
    • Flexibility (Yoga, Pilates)
    Lifetime and Individual Activities
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball
    • Soccer
    • Golf
    Water Safety and Aquatics
    •  Basic swimming skills
    • Water Polo/Deep Water Basketball
    • Survival skills: treading
    • Cooperative water games

      Outdoor Adventure & Pursuits
      • Archery
      • Orienteering
      • Team Building
      • Boating/Boat Safety

      Students will have the opportunity to choose different activities throughout the semester from the following strands:

      • LIFETIME ACTIVITIES: Activities may include yoga, dance, mountain biking, martial arts fitness and adventure (Activities may include wall climbing, high ropes courses, and belaying). 


      • TEAM SPORTS: Activities may include lacrosse, basketball, softball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, tchoukball, handball, and floor hockey.
      • DUAL / INDIVIDUAL SPORT: Activities may include tennis, badminton, pickleball, archery, and fencing.

      • PERSONAL FITNESS: This strand is based out of the SouthSide Fitness Center.  Activities include instruction on various types of strength training & cardiovascular exercises, program design, and goal setting.  Students can obtain their SouthSide Fitness Center certification in this strand.


      Introduction to Personal Training
        • Importance of the Field & Profession of Personal Training
        • Basics of Exercise Science & Goal Setting

      Intro. Anatomy & Kinesiology
        • Exercise Physiology
      Strength & Conditioning Training/Program Design
        • Advanced Program Design
        • Special Populations
      Exercise Nutrition
      Client Performance Program Design & Implementation 
        • Comprehensive Program Design
      •  The Professional Lifeguard and Facility Safety
      • Facility Safety, Patron Surveillance and Injury Prevention
      • Injury Prevention and Rescue Skills
      • Before Providing Care, Victim Assessment and Breathing Emergencies
      • Cardiac Emergencies and Using an Automated External Defibrillator
      • First Aid
      • Head, Neck and Spinal Injuries in the Water

      Adapted Physical Education is offered every semester. It is taught in the SouthSide Fitness Center.

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