• Video Media Technology

    Course #565


    This exciting, half year course offers the latest technology in video and video effects to create stunning student made projects.  Using the Adobe Master Collection of software (Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Encore, Flash, Sound Booth, and Dreamweaver), as the foundation for class projects, students will create original videos from beginning to end,  Along the way, each student will utilize green screen technology, motion graphics, title sequences, and other video effects and sound effects.  Cameras will be available for check-out based on project need and availability, with the focus being to develop high quality projects.   The student will story board their ideas, write scripts and gather background information.  The student will then use digital camcorders and other video equipment to gather video footage and capture sound using various types of audio equipment.  Gathered video and audio footage will be edited, using our computer based (nonlinear) editing systems.  These elements will then be used to produce several teacher-assigned and student-selected projects.  Students will have fun sharing completed projects with family and friends as render and export completed projects to tape, disk or the Web.  Assignments will be assessed for timeliness, accuracy and quality.  Example projects may include; commercials, documentaries, Sports or enthusiast videos or original works.

Last Modified on January 10, 2017