• Resources
    • Tabroom -- hosts the registration for most speech and debate tournaments and provides useful information including schools/teams registered, events offered, and round pairings.
    • IDEA.com (international debate education association) -- providing debate outlines and arguments for hundreds of topics
    • New York Times Room For Debate -- free resources from the New York Times
    • Procon debate resource -- providing pro and con arguements for every topic under the sun
    • Prepd -- our software for the congress team.  All congressional debators will be granted access to this site.
    Informational Links

    National Speech and Debate Association: Formerly The National Forensic League, The National Speech and Debate Association is the foremost national governing body in the world of forensics.  It determines the debate topics and it operates a point tabulation system by which members can gauge their forensic achievement during their high school careers.  This is effectively an honor society for Forensics students.  To join, students pay a one-time $20 membership fee. 

    Pennsylvania High School Speech League: This is the organization in Pennsylvania that governs most high school speech and debate tournaments.  When you go to their website, most likely the information you will be seeking will be found in the most recents issues of their publication, "The Communicator," which is available on line. 

    Pennsylvania Bar Association: The PA Bar Association sponsors the Pennsylvania Mock Trial Competition.  At their website, you will find the case materials for the year's litigation scenario (typically released in October).

Last Modified on November 1, 2018