• Forensics Events


    • Lincoln Douglas – Individuals debate a value-based topic that is changed every two months.  Requires strong research and persuasive speaking, as well as the ability to understand an issue deeply.
    • Public Forum – Teams of two debate contemporary issues that change monthly.  Requires forceful speaking and quick thinking.
    • Parliamentary – Teams of three take turns advocating and opposing a resolution.  A good introduction to formal debate. 
    • Student Congress – At a tournament, a group of 15 to 30 students will participate in a mock legislative session in which they propose legislation and make speeches pro and con.

    Speech and Drama

    1. Original Oratory – Students write and memorize an informative or persuasive ten-minute speech on the topic of their choice.
    2. Extemporaneous Speaking – Students have ½ hour to research and prepare a seven-minute speech on a current events issue.  Requires knowledge and preparation of a broad range current events.
    3. Dramatic Interpretation – Individuals act out a 10-minute published dramatic script.  No props allowed.
    4. Duo interpretation – Teams of two act out a 10-minute published dramatic script.  No props allowed.  No eye contact between the two members of a duo team is allowed. No physical contact between the two members is allowed. Clever choreography and creativity are important.
    5. Humorous interpretation – Individuals act out a 10-minute humorous published script.
    6. Declamation – Students memorize and present a 10-minute previously performed speech.
    7. Oral Interpretation of Prose and Poetry – In alternate rounds, students give readings of prose and poetry.  Some tournaments feature separate prose and poetry events.
Last Modified on September 12, 2019