• Plot

    Every year our Renaissance Faire is centered around a story, referred to as the plot. This plot gives the day a theme and allows the faire to progress to an eventual climax at the end of the day. As member of the club create their characters, they will begin to give them backgrounds and develop the character's current occupation or even why the character is present at the Faire based on plot. This year’s plot may be as follows:


    Year: 1547 

            Wark on Tyne, now a sleepy village, but once the capital of the nearly independent County of Tynedale, is being looked upon with covetous eyes by both Scots and Englishmen. The tumultuous political situation in London caused by the death of King Henry VIII and ascension of the minor Edward VI has turned most eyes away from this small border region between Scotland and England. Ambitious local nobility seek to take this opportunity to restore the county and its autonomy. Two have stepped forward to claim the town and restore their rightful county.


             More detailed information on plot will be addressed at our club meetings.
Last Modified on April 25, 2022