• Plot

    Every year our Renaissance Faire is centered around a story, referred to as the plot. This plot gives the day a theme and allows the faire to progress to an eventual climax at the end of the day. As member of the club create their characters, they will begin to give them backgrounds and develop the character's current occupation or even why the character is present at the Faire based on plot. This year’s plot is as follows:


    Year: 1526 

            In Sheffield, the Lord Talbot has  fallen ill and needs to decide an heir before he dies. The Lord has twin daughters, but alas, no one knows which is the elder. He figured he’d just have a son and be done with it, but he never did.  Lady Beth Talbot wants to be heir so she can do her best to help the people, while Lady Anna wants it so she can retain that level of comfort to which she has become accustomed, for her peasants exist solely to maintain her comfort. The sisters decide, and with their Lord and Lady parents blessings, to have competitions to decide who will be heir, rather than risk bloodshed and the scandal of sororicide. Who will become heir, and can bloodshed be avoided? 


             More detailed information on plot will be addressed at our club meetings.
Last Modified on September 18, 2019