What is Quiz Bowl? 

    Quiz Bowl is an academic competition in which two teams consisting of 1-4 players answer questions from all areas of knowledge, including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, sports, and popular culture.

    Quiz Bowl uses a “buzzer system” that lets players interrupt the reading of a question when they know the answer, which adds a dimension of confidence, anticipation, and rapid recall to what is primarily a trivia game.


    In Quiz Bowl, there are a few major categories that questions fall under:

    • Literature (Lit) (novels, short stories, drama, poetry)
    • Science (biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, mathematics, computer science, earth science, laboratory science)
    • History (American, British, European, World)
    • Fine arts (painting, music, opera, jazz, ballet, photography, sculpture, architecture, film)
    • Religion, mythology, and Philosophy (RMP)
    • Social sciences (psychology, economics, anthropology/sociology, linguistics)
    • Geography (cities, states/provinces/regions, natural landmarks)
    • Current events
    • Trash (pop culture, sports, memes, etc.)

    The frequency of questions from each category varies from category to category (see here for more information). For example, you will see more Science questions pop up than Mythology.


    For more information, visit the NAQT website

Last Modified on May 5, 2023