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    Senior Photos (Please submit your senior photos here)
    Prestige by Lifetouch is our contracted photographer for senior photos. They are planning summer sittings on July 28-29 and August 15 for all seniors, and offer a wide range of packages. Look for a mailing from them soon with more details.  (All seniors will have an updated ID photo taken on school picture day, and may opt to use this as a free senior photo for the yearbook.)
    As always, parents and students are permitted to submit photos taken by any photographer, as long as they meet the requirements below. 

    If we do not receive an acceptable, high-resolution photograph by OCTOBER 14, 2023 we may place your most recent school photo in the yearbook, or you may not be pictured. 

    Digital Photo Information

    We are no longer accepting printed photos

    *Height: 10 pica (1.66 inches)

    *Width: 8 pica (1.33 inches)

    *Resolution: 300 dpi

    *Head Size: approx 7/8 inches

    (hairline to chin)

    Preferred submission: upload your photo to our Senior Photo Google Form 

    Content guidelines for senior portraits:

    Little Lion yearbook staff reserves the right to REJECT any senior portrait that does not meet the following requirements. Final determination of the acceptability of a photo rests with the high school administration.

    • Only one person per photo with head and shoulders visible, no chest or torso

    • No hats or headwear, except for documented medical or religious purposes.

    • No weapons and no clothing or insignias for drug, alcohol or tobacco products

    • No hand gestures, pets, stuffed animals, instruments or sporting equipment

    • No display of material deemed offensive or inappropriate for school


Last Modified on October 10, 2023