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    Welcome to the SCGLAX Booster Club! Our purpose is to provide support and assistance to the State College Girls Lacrosse program, including the varsity and junior varsity school teams during the seasons. Parents, families, alumni and fans are invited to join the booster club by returning a completed copy of our Booster Club Membership Form. If you have any questions, please send an email to any of the booster club officers. The Booster Club is the main vehicle for parent engagement in the girls lacrosse program. As parents, you significantly affect the success of the program through your contributions to and involvement with the Booster Club.

    2024 Booster Club Officers:

    President: Lynn Fry, lra11@scasd.org
    Vice President: HELP WANTED
    Treasurer: Trish Lally, lallytrish@gmail.com
    Secretary: Erin LaMotta, erinlamotta@gmail.com 
    Parents who would like to be added to the booster club email list, please send a message to:  lra11@scasd.org

    The Booster Club provides meals for away games, pregame snacks, team celebrations, and many other activities that make your daughters' experience in this program meaningful, fun, and memorable!


    All parents should be active members of the Booster Club.  Your donations and dues benefit:

    -Meals and snacks for the team during trips to away games

    -New Warm Up Shirts  

    -Senior Night celebration and gifts

    -End of Season Banquet

    -Other fun events to enhance your daughter's team experience


    Thank you for your support!

    1. The President shall:
    · Preside at all meetings
    · Appoint all committees
    · Assure that all books, reports and certificates as required are properly kept or filed
    · Have such powers as needed to conduct the business of the club
    2. The Vice-President shall:
    · Conduct the business of the club and assume the duties of the president in the absence of the president
    3. The Secretary shall:
    · Maintain the minutes and records of the organization
    · Maintain the SCASD Girls Lacrosse website
    · Attend to all correspondence necessary to conduct the business of the club
    4. The Treasurer shall:
    · Maintain the financial records of the club and manage the fiscal affairs of the club
    · Prepare reports concerning the financial condition of the club for each meeting
    · Execute any other duties necessary to conduct the business of the club
    5. Both the Treasurer and the President(s) shall be authorized to sign the bank signature card and/or checks for the club.

    Additionally, we are always looking for people to chair and/or assist with the following Committees:
    Apparel (organizing the selection, ordering, and fulfillment of team clothing orders) 
    Concessions (stocking, training, scheduling) 
    Team Food (vendor, menu, and delivery)
    Senior Night (organizing decoration, program preparation, concessions -- "Senior Parents don't work on Senior Night")
    Banquet (organizing location, fund-raising, decoration, program preparation) 

Last Modified on March 10, 2024