• State College Boys Track Team Rules

    Rules defined by The Athletes Handbook and the Student Handbook will be followed.

    The State College Area High School Track Coaching Staff believes that good conduct is closely related to a positive environment for learning, training and an effective/competitive athletic program.
    It is expected that student-athletes follow the rules and regulations governing student-athlete conduct in school and during participation as a member of the Track and Field teams (Indoor & Spring).   Such rules shall require that student-athletes:
    * Conform to reasonable standards of socially acceptable behavior

    * Respect the rights, person, and property of others
    * Preserve the degree of order necessary to the educational/athletic program in which they are engaged
    * Respond positively and promptly to those adults, coaches, and school personnel charged with the responsibility of monitoring student-athlete behavior.    
    To ensure a safe learning and athletic environment, students are expected to have appropriate behavior and attendance.  Detentions, suspensions and possible expulsion from school or the team could result when the student-athlete is guilty of infractions.   Participation in any school function or activity including athletics is prohibited for the duration of the suspension and could result in exclusion from extra-curricular activities for part or all of the sports season.  The Coaching Staff reserves the right to modify disciplinary action based on individual circumstances and investigation.  The following are levels of infractions with possible consequences:

    Level I Violations
    1.    Minor practice disruptions include (but not limited to) horseplay, not following practice protocol, disruption to the school environment, and attention in a negative way, etc.
    Disciplinary action would include a Coach/Student-Athlete conference, parent contact, and possible suspension.

    Level II Violations (but not limited to)
    1.      Insubordination, disrespect toward coaching staff or people of authority, unacceptable language, defacing school/competition site property, destruction of property, public display of disrespect, ignoring/disregarding a disciplinary action, etc.
    Disciplinary action may include a
    Coach/Student-Athlete Conference, parent contacted and the Coach may assign multiple practice or meet suspension(s)  or possible dismissal from the team.

    : You should keep the coaches informed of anything that may affect training such as prior knowledge of an absence from practice, any injury, conflicts within the team or with other athletes, academic problems or any other issue that may prohibit you from performing to your potential. Participation in meets is our goal and reason to practice. You are to be available for every meet!

    Please let the coach know ASAP if you will not be available for a meet because of some other schedule conflict. It costs money to enter you in a meet so please save us aggravation if you know that you will not be able to attend a meet!

    Absence from Practice: Attendance is mandatory. Joining the team is a commitment. Practice is intended to help you achieve your best.

    You need to be at practice.

    The best athletes are those that learn good time management so that academics can be as successful as athletics. It is a difficult task to rise each morning, go to school for the day, practice for two hours then do homework or perhaps even go to a job. IT can be done. Use your time wisely.

    You are expected to be at practice. Unexcused absences will affect your eligibility to participate. Unexcused absence will result in your suspension from the next meet. Participation on relay teams will be affected as a result of absences.

    The only excused absences from practice will be for illness (absent from school), or on a school sanctioned field trip. Please show the coach a written excuse from parent if sick. Absence with prior approval of the coach may be excused.

    Participation in other extracurricular activities and other clubs and out of school sports: Your commitment to Track takes precedence over all other extracurricular sports and intramurals. You are expected to be at practice. It is an unexcused absence to go to a practice for another out of school sport and/or intramural instead of track practice.

    No Hazing or Harassment will be tolerated. Initiation of younger athletes of any form is prohibited. Treatment of other athletes in a harassing manner is not in the interest of team unity. See Athletes Handbook and Student Handbook for further definitions and descriptions.

    Participation in meets: Base criteria includes: times/distances in events; attendance to practice; positive attitude and effort; Coaching emphasis will be placed on helping the members of the team to work together and develop a strong desire to attain the highest possible levels of team success. Generally everyone will compete. Some meets are limited to the number of entries per event. Another restriction may be transportation. Injuries, attendance, violation of school rules or team training rules, detentions may hold you out of practice or meet participation.

    Training Rules: No alcohol, drugs, tobacco or steroid use will be tolerated.

    Use of any of these during a practice or event time will qualify for an immediate expulsion from the team. Use of any of the above at times other than school times will be punishable by the school guidelines. (Page 4 of the Athlete's Handbook)

    Injuries: Any ache or pain should be communicated to the coach. It will then be determined if the ache or pain is a natural outcome of training or if further investigation by the trainer is needed. The athletic trainer will then evaluate the injury and either suggest a rehab schedule or suggest that you go to a doctor. The school has some insurance for athletes injured as a result of training or game participation but in order for the insurance to properly be resolved the trainer must see you first.

    Generally you will have some aches and pain from training that is natural such as muscle soreness. These types of injury will dissipate with rest that should actually be built into the training program. Persistent muscle soreness however can be a problem or lead to other problems. Therefore it is important to tell the coach of any aches or pain. Further education about injury will be forthcoming.

    Travel: The school will provide transportation to and from away events. It is our policy that an athlete may leave from an event with their parent only. The coaches must see and talk to the parents to release the athlete to them. Letters from parents granting permission for an athlete to go home with someone else will NOT be honored. (see page 5 of Athlete's Handbook)

    Proper conduct on the buses will be expected at all times. We will never leave a messy bus. Movies for coach buses will be approved by the coaches and in accordance with school policies. Failure to follow the rules of the bus company and school policies will result in your loss of privilege to go to meets.

    Practice routine:

    Gather on time, practice starts at 3:40, attendance, coach's announcements, stretch, sprint drills, dynamic flexibility, main practice, cool down.

    What to bring to practice: Bring your own water, especially early season while the water at the track is turned off. Bring a lock . We are not responsible for valuables left unattended in the locker room.

    Clothing: Good Running shoes are a must. Blisters? Shin splints? Other pains? Could be shoes. Warmups and sweats are important as the weather starts to cool. Bring swim suit and towel on Pool days. Bring extra shoes, socks and running gear on rainy days.

Last Modified on March 2, 2015