• Varsity and Junior Varsity Philosophies

  • Varsity Philosophies:

    1. Emphasis on COMPETITIVE running.  There is no guarantee of playing time. Varsity is a fluid group of seven runners.  At any given time the team will consist of the best team of seven runners.  The best TEAM of seven is not always the best seven athletes (consideration of both performance and attitude).
    2. Teamwork.
    3. Continued emphasis on understanding of the rules of the sport.
    4. Development of race analysis and strategy.
    5. Work Ethic and Competitive Drive.
    6. A Varsity Letter is earned with participation in varsity races, running on the varsity team at the District meet, or three years of participation on the cross country team.

    Junior Varsity Philosophies:

    1. An introduction to competitive running. There is an emphasis on opportunity for all to participate in practice, dual meets, and some selected Invitational meets.
    2. Understanding the importance of teamwork.
    3. Form a thorough understanding of the rules and strategies of the sport.
    4. Emphasis is placed on skill development, competition, work ethic, and fun.
    5. Training ground for Varsity Level.
    6. A Junior Varsity Letter is awarded for positive participation in practice and competition.
Last Modified on August 26, 2021