Welcome to the State College Girls' 

    Indoor and Outdoor

    Track and Field Program



    Girls' Coaches:

    Artie Gilkes, Head Coach

    Email: asg17@scasd.org

    Cell: (814) 404-9563


    Ms. Rebecca Donaghue, Associate Head Coach

    Art Teacher (PFMS and Spring Creek Elementary)

    Email: rfd12@scasd.org

    Cell: (814) 404-9564

    Mr. Jayson Jackson,  Assistant Coach

    Email: jhj105@gmail.com

    Cell:  (814) 441-0791
    Mr. Cody Love,  Assistant Coach

    Email: cody.s.love@outlook.com

    Cell:  (817) 360-4624
    Ms. Lindsay Sowash,  Assistant Coach

    If at any time you need to reach us, please call and leave a message on our cell phones first before you call the school office or use email.


    The event coaches will be as follows:


    Mid and Long Distance = Rebecca Donaghue

    Lead Sprints & Hurdles = Jayson Jackson

    Jumps = Artie Gilkes 

    Sprints & Hurdles  =  Cody Love

    Pole Vault = Lindsay Sowash

    Volunteer Coaches:


    Athletic Training Room:

    Contact Information and Concussion Information



    Practice & Meets:


    Please be flexible and responsive to the district calendar. There will be organized team practice on every school day. Event coaches may host other specified voluntary practices throughout the season.




    Please follow the guidelines listed in the Athletics Handbook (note: the 9:25 a.m. rule). 

    Any absence from a practice or a meet needs to be discussed and approved by Coach Evans in advance if possible. Absences from practice may result in an athlete not being placed on a relay or being selected to go to limited entry meets.


    Locker Room:


    Athletes need to lock personal items in lockers to prevent theft.


    Indoor and Outdoor Track Area, Fitness Center, and Pool:


    We will utilize these areas as much as possible to benefit our fitness levels, athletic performance, and to help prevent injuries. Please follow the rules of the facility and conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. On the indoor track, slower movers stay to the left; on the outdoor track slower runners stay to the right. The key word used to move someone out of the way is "TRACK!"


    Warm-Up and Warm-Down:


    There will be a specific warm-up completed each day at practice as a team and with the event coaches

    This routine will properly prepare the athlete for her events. This warm-up should be done prior to each competition. It consists of a series of a jog, a dynamic warm-up, and perhaps a series of build-ups. Static stretching should be utilized as needed at the beginning of a practice and always at the end.

    These exercises should be completed at the beginning and end of each practice. This is the regular routine at competitions as well.

    Proper warming up and down allows for peak performance and prevents injury!


    Food and Water:


    Athletes need to consume the proper nutrition throughout the day.

    Hydration and energy are the most important components for peak performance.


    Booster Club:


    It is imperative that you pay your booster club dues. The booster club supplies water for all meets, organizes the concession stand during the outdoor season, provides team gear, and funds our awards and gifts at the end of the season.


    President: Rebecca Gillan (Email: rebecca.m.gillan@gmail.com)

    Vice President: Heidi Pfennigwerth

    Treasurer: Shannon Whysong

    Secretary: Lydia Kepler Everhart

    $25 for the year / $35 for a family
    Become a "Friend of State College Girls' Track" by donating additional monies to support team activities.



    We are looking forward to a fun and successful season.

    Thank you for your support!

Last Modified on February 19, 2023