• 2021 - 2022 Results

    2021-2022 State Qualifiers and Medalists:
    PTFCA 27 Team Points:
    Grace Morningstar (2:21.02)—800m
    Alex Antoniono (Scratch Due to Prior Injury)—Triple Jump
    Shannon Mullin—PTFCA BRONZE 3rd Place Long Jump (18-0)PTFCA 4th Place Triple Jump (37-10.25)
    4x800m Relay (9:28.21) PTFCA GOLD 1st Place: Grace Morningstar, Chloe Poindexter, Natalie Koncoski, Marlee Kwasnica, Amy Devan, and Deyvani Wadhia
    Distance Medley Relay (DMR) (12:39.87) PTFCA BRONZE 3rd Place: Amy Devan, Grace Morningstar, Natalie Koncoski, Marlee Kwasnica, Chloe Poindexter, and Deyvani Wadhia
    4x8 shannon DMR22
    *** 2020-2021 No Team Meets Due to Pandemic ***
    2019 - 2020 Results
    2019-2020 State Qualifiers and Medalists:
    PTFCA 5 Team Points:
    Lizzie Gilpatrick (5:15.26)—Mile
    Rachael Spencer (5-0)—High Jump
    4x800m Relay (10:35.23) PTFCA 6th Place: Elly Haushalter, Marlee Kwasnica, Karsyn Kane, Grace Morningstar, Jordan Reed, & Lizzie Gilpatrick
    Distance Medley Relay (DMR) (12:30.02) PTFCA 7th Place: Marlee Kwasnica, Casie Eifrig, Elly Haushalter, Lizzie Gilpatrick, Jordan Reed, & Grace MorningstarMarlee Kwasnica
    LG  RS  4x8  DMR
    2018 - 2019 State Qualifiers and Medalists:
    PTFCA 12 Team Points:
    Kileigh Kane (4:58.42) PTFCA 5th and Lizzie Gilpatrick (5:27.39) -- Mile
    Noelia Pagano (34-4.5) -- Triple Jump
    Lyndsey Reed (12-0) PTFCA 4th -- Pole Vault
    4x200m Relay (1:47.52): Jessica Lose, Casie Eifrig, Mak Graham, Alysia Spencer, Shannon Mullin, Ellen Lee, Olivia Noel
    4x800m Relay (9:47.08): Elly Haushalter, Emma Maras, Emma Simon, Jordan Reed, Lizzie Gilpatrick, Molly Solo, 
    Distance Medley Relay (DMR) (12:31.62) PTFCA 6th: Lizzie Gilpatrick, Elly Haushalter, Emma Maras, Kileigh Kane, Emma Simon, Jordan Reed
    CONGRATS to New Balance Indoor Nationals Competitors:
    Kileigh Kane 10th 4:52.87 Mile
    Lyndsey Reed 17th 3.72m (12' 2.5") Pole Vault
    2017 - 2018 State Qualifiers and Medalists: 
    PTFCA 2nd Place Team: 
    Myca Ingram: 60m (7.82 / 7.92 ) 12th
    Esther Seeland: 800m (2:08.71) PTFCA 1st (ALL STATE 1st TEAM)
    Kileigh Kane: 3000m (10:17.15) 10th
    Taylor Givens: Long Jump (19-0) PTFCA 4th (ALL STATE Honorable Mention)Triple Jump (37-5) PTFCA 5th 
    Lily Plute: Pole Vault (11-6) 13th
    Lyndsey Reed: Pole Vault (12-6) PTFCA 4th (ALL STATE Honorable Mention)
    4x200m Relay: Ava Michael, Jessica Lose, Mak Graham, Myca Ingram (1:46.25) PTFCA 7th
    4x400m Relay: Casie Eifrig, Rachael Spencer, Ava Michael, Esther Seeland (4:09.75) 17th
    4x800m Relay: Elly Haushalter, Emma Simon, Emma Maras, Lizzie Gilpatrick (9:38.75) PTFCA 7th
    Distance Medley Relay: Esther Seeland, Taylor Givens, Elly Haushalter, Kileigh Kane (12:24.61) PTFCA 2nd (ALL STATE 2nd TEAM)
    2016 - 2017 State Qualifiers and Medalists: 
    PTFCA 12th Place Team: 
    Lyndsey Reed: Pole Vault (12' 0") PTFCA 3rd 
    Taylor Givens: Long Jump (18' 4.25") PTFCA 6th 
    Jordan Bair: Shot Put (40' 7") PTFCA 7th 
    4x400m Relay: Jordi Rohrbach, Ava Michael, Zoe Wicks, & Esther Seeland (3:59.39) PTFCA 7th 
    4x800m Relay: Catherine Curtin, Sophie Bollinger, Jordi Rohrbach, & Elly Haushalter (9:37.05) PTFCA 8th 
    Distance Medley Relay: Catherine Curtin, Taylor Givens, Julia Neely, Emma Simon & Alternate: Kileigh Kane (12:47.95) PTFCA 9th 
    2015 - 2016 State Qualifiers and Medalists:
    4x400   4x200   Nika  
    PTFCA 4th Place Team:
    Haley Crawford: 60m Dash (7.88) and 200m (25.61)
    Rachel Wylie: 60m Hurdles (9.16 8th Place Medal
    Natasha Fedkina: 800m (2:22.34) and Mile (5:29.52)
    Taylor Givens: Long Jump (16-11.25) 
    Jordan Bair: Shot Put (35-4.75)
    Veronika Karpenko: Long Jump (18-4.75 Silver Medal) and Triple Jump (40-1.75 Gold Medal)
    4x200m Relay: Rachel Wylie, Zoe Wicks, Taylor Givens, and Haley Crawford  (1:42.22 5th Place Medal)
    4x400m Relay: Jordi Rohrbach, Rachel Wylie, Natasha Fedkina, Zoe Wicks (3:58.88 5th Place Medal)
    2014 - 2015 State Qualifiers and Medalists:
    4x8 Megan 4x2 Nika
    Rachel Wylie: 60m Hurdles (9.30)
    Natasha Fedkina: 800m (2:17.40)
    Megan Fry: Pole Vault  PTFCA (11-6 5th Place Medal)
    Veronika Karpenko: Long Jump & Triple Jump PTFCA (17-0.75 and 36-6 8th and 3rd Place Medals)
    4x200m Relay: Emma Domico, Megan Fry, Taylor Givens, and Rachel Wylie (1:48.82)
    4x800m Relay: Larissa Burka, Natasha Fedkina, Ellie Mhando, and Julia Neely (9:46.08)
    2013 - 2014 State Qualifiers and Medalists: 
    4x8 Indoor  
    60m Dash: Haley Crawford (8.05) and Niara Valentine
    60m Hurdles: Rachel Wylie (9.61)
    200m Dash: Haley Crawford (25.64) and Niara Valentine
    400m Run: Victoria Crawford (59.35)
    800m Run: Natasha Fedkina (2:15.47 3rd Place Medal)
    and Emma Cousins (2:17.68)
    Mile Run: Larissa Burka (5:17.56) and Hannah Catalano (5:18.46)
    Pole Vault: Megan Fry (10-6)
    4x200m Relay: Taylor Campbell, Haley Crawford, Niara Valentine, Monye Valentine (1:46.85)
    4x400m Relay: Emma Cousins, Victoria Crawford, Natasha Fedkina, Kaelyn Yoder (4:05.10)
    4x800m Relay: Larissa Burka, Emma Cousins, Victoria Crawford, Natasha Fedkina (9:26.32 4th Place Medal)
    2011 - 2012 State Qualifiers and Medalists:
     4x2 4x4 4x8
    Lauren Bonness--60m Dash
    Haley Crawford--200m 
    Niara Valentine--200m
    Emma Cousins--800m 
    Hannah Grubb--Mile
    4x200m Relay: (5th Place Medal)
    Lauren Bonness, Chandley Book, Haley Crawford, and Niara Valentine
    4x400m Relay:
    Lauren Bonness, Haley Crawford, Natasha Fedkina, and Victoria Crawford Alternates: Chandley Book and Niara Valentine
    4x800m Relay: (6th Place Medal)
    Hannah Grubb, Kaelyn Yoder, Victoria Crawford, and Emma Cousins Alternate: Natasha Fedkina
    2011 - 2012 State Qualifiers and Medalists:
    4th place  4x8 Molly Love
    Lauren Bonness--60m Dash
    Niara Valentine--400m
    Emma Cousins--800m (7th Place Medal)
    Victoria Crawford--800m
    Kathryn McNaughton--800m
    Hannah Grubb--800m
    Nora Adams--Mile
    Molly Love--Pole Vault
    4x200m Relay: (4th Place Medal)
    Lauren Bonness, Carolyn Hay, Gina Torretti, and Niara Valentine
    4x400m Relay:
    Lauren Bonness, Chandley Book, Gina Torretti, and Niara Valentine
    4x800m Relay:
    Kathryn McNaughton, Nora Adams, Victoria Crawford, and Emma Cousins
    2010 - 2011 State Qualifiers and Medalists:
     Team Pic4x44x8Coaches
    PTFCA 3rd Place Team:
    Paige Fry:  60m Hurdles
    Shannon Daniels:   Triple Jump
    4x200m Relay:  Lauren Bonness, Carolyn Hay, Paige Fry, & Megan Bland

    Niara Valentine:   200m & 400m
    Chandley Book:   400m
    Kathryn McNaughton:   800m
    Christina Pollick:   Pole Vault
    Chloe Schmidt  800m Gold; Mile Silver
    5th Place 4x800m Relay: Kathryn McNaughton, Hannah Grubb, Julia Christensen, & Emma Cousins
    8th Place 4x400m Relay: Megan Bland, Chandley Book, Niara Valentine, & Chloe Schmidt
    2009 - 2010 State Qualifiers and Medalists:
    Paige Fry--60m Hurdles
    Chloe Schmidt--400m, 800m (Gold Medal), Mile (Silver Medal)
    4x800m Relay Team: (5th Place Medal)
    Nora Adams, Kathryn McNaughton, Chloe Schmidt, Lucia Sofo,
    and alternate, Tatum Del Bosco

    2008 - 2009 State Qualifiers and Medalists:

    Chloe Schmidt: 400, 800 (Gold Medal), Mile (Gold Medal), 3000, Triple Jump, 4x400 Relay, and 4x800 Relay
    Liz Regan: 4x400 Relay and 4x800 Relay
    Gina Torretti: 4x400 Relay and 4x200 Relay
    Lucia Sofo: 4x800
    Nora Adams: 4x800
    Megan Bland: 4x400 Relay
    Megan Andersen: 4x200 Relay
    Carolyn Hay: 4x200 Relay
    Paige Fry: 4x200 Relay

    Kathryn McNaughton, Anna Wing, Emily Peters: Alternates

    2007 - 2008 Results

    2007 - 2008 State Qualifiers and Medalists:

    Christie Johnson--High Jump (7th place medal), 60m hurdles

    Chloe Schmidt--800m (5th place medal), Mile (3rd place medal), 3000m, 4x400m relay

    Amanda Hood--4x400m relay

    Izabel Scott--4x400m relay

    Liz Regan--4x400m relay

    Kelsey Graham--4x400m relay


    2006 - 2007 Results

    2006 - 2007 State Qualifiers and Medalists:

    Edel Crowe--Mile, 4x400m Relay, 3000m (8th place medal

    Amanda Hood--60m, 200m, 4x200m Relay

    Liz Regan--400m, 4x200m Relay, 4x400m Relay

    Kayla Pifer--4x200m Relay

    Lauren Schmidt--4x400m Relay

    Christie Johnson--High Jump (5th place medal)

    Olivia Kerr--4x400m Relay

    Kelsey Graham--4x200m Relay


    2005 - 2006 Results

    2005 - 2006 State Qualifiers and Medalists:

    Rachael Belinda--800m, 4x800m Relay (6th place medal)

    Edel Crowe--3000m, 4x800m Relay (6th place medal)

    Lauren Schmidt--800m, 4x800m Relay (6th place medal)

    Katherine Ward--Mile, 4x800m Relay (6th place medal in both)


    2004 - 2005 Results

    2004 - 2005 State Qualifiers:

    Sara Scott--Triple Jump, 4x200m Relay

    Amanda Hood--60m Dash, 4x200m Relay

    Chantal Barnyak--60m Dash, 4x200m Relay

    Caitlin Neal--4x200m Relay

    Benita Rannie--4x200m Relay

    Katherine Ward--1600m (12th), 4x800m Relay (16th)

    Lauren Schmidt--4x800m Relay (16th)

    Rachael Belinda--4x800m Relay (16th)

    Becky Greenwald--4x800m Relay (16th)


    2003 - 2004 State Qualifier:

    Chantal Barnyak, 60m Dash



    2002 - 2003 State Qualifier:

    Amber Strouse, High Jump


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