• Members of the District Calendar Committee

    • The calendar committee is charged with providing input to the district administration regarding the development of a proposed academic calendar.
    • As per Board policy 803, "the Superintendent shall present a school calendar for Board consideration."


    Meredith Henderson Mt Nittany MS Assistant Principal
    Pamela Mock High School Building Secretary
    Christine Merritt SCASD Interim Assistant Superintendent - Secondary / Co-Chair
    Deirdre Bauer SCASD Administrator / Director of Curriculum K-6
    Eugene Ruocchio Teacher
    Jeanne Knouse SCASD Administrator / Director of Student Services
    Amy Bader SCASD Board Member
    Julie Gosselin Education Records Coordinator
    Isabella Caceres Student Representative - High School
    Jeffrey Tranell SCASD Teacher
    Jill Ross SCASD Teacher
    Suzan Bailey PIMS / Data Manager
    Danielle Yoder SCASD Assistant Superintendent - Elementary / Co-Chair
    Nathan Bish Community Member / Parent
    Shai McGowan SCAEA Union / Teacher
    Van Swauger SCASD Administrator / Director of Transportation
    Tonya Black Director of Equity & Inclusivity
    Dr. Ben Mordan Director of State High Career & Technical Center
    Dr. Karen Wiser PFMS Principal


Last Modified on May 23, 2023