• Community Dialogue Developing a District Wide Facilities Master Plan is a process designed to determine the educational needs of the District, evaluate the physical needs of the facilities, identify the needs of the community, and balance all components in a package that demonstrates fiscal responsibility. The final document should be a holistic recommendation that considers each facility, as well as how each function and facility are interconnected.


    The District Wide Facility Master Plan summary as presented by the Steering Committee to the Board on April 20, 2009 and approved by the Board of School Directors at a special meeting June 23, 2009. The board also accepted the High School Education Specifications Report at the June 23 meeting.

    Take a look at the video featuring Bill DeJong discussing the High School Educational Specifications.

    At the May 4 Board Meeting the board approved Phase I of the Master Plan
    as recommended by the Citizens Advisory Committee for Facilities.
    District Wide Master Plan Phase I

    Phase 1 includes:
    See information and photos of the ongoing construction.

    -Addition to Gray's Woods Elementary School
    -Consolidate the Boalsburg and Panorama Village Elementary schools in a new elementary school at the Panorama Village site
    -Replace the current Ferguson Township Elementary School through a combination Renovation/New Construction project

    The committee further recommends that planning begin on all projects simultaneously, with ground breaking targeted for the summer of 2010, and design to include the following objectives:

    -Maintain the existing Panorama Village Elementary School
    -Phase the Ferguson Project to maintain the students on site

    At their August 23, 2010 meeting, the Board of School Directors approved Phase II
    of the District Wide Facilities Master Plan.
    In a resolution, he Board commits to initiating Phase II of the DWFMP.

    The Board will encourage and solicit community input throughout the process, including all internal and external stakeholders.

    The Board commits to including in Phase II of the DWFMP the following:
    • Planning for upgrades to State College Area High School, commencing immediately.
    • Preparation for upgrades to additional elementary schools, such planning to begin within 15 months of the enactment of this resolution. This time frame allows for the current Phase I elementary projects to be completed, providing insight for future projects.
    • Discussion of the re-purposing of other district facilities (e.g., Panorama Village, College Heights, Fairmount Avenue, and W. Nittany Avenue).

    The Board commits to holding a public referendum to issue electoral debt for upgrades to the State College Area High School at an appropriate time.

    The Board will determine whether any other projects should be included in said referendum as planning progresses.

    More Information:
    • Watch a video featuring Bill DeJong discussing the High School Educational Specifications.

    • Watch a 30-minute video of Dr. DeJong describing the possible facilities options for the District Wide Facilities Master Plan.
    • More information and documentation is also available on the Resources page. 

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