Activities Network!

    If you are a member of ARTsmART, you are a member of the club!

    Officers work with Mrs. Campbell, ARTsmART to plan and organize guest artists, performances, contests, and trips
    for both classes and arts students in general.
    Up-coming events and contests:


    Keep your eyes open in the ARTsmART Areas for posters advertising up-coming activities.

    Sign-up sheets and entry forms etc. are for all activities are available in the ARTsmART Areas.

    What Did the ARTS Teach You?

    Some of our activities include:

    Attending performances at PSU and in New York City
    Attending concerts at PSU
    Hosting Artist Residencies in the buildings
    Hosting guest artists in classrooms and the ARTsmART Areas
    Hosting Performances in our Auditoriums
Last Modified on September 20, 2019