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    Student Government



    Student Government is an esteemed organization at State High formed to give the student body a voice. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, email secretary ijw12@scasd.org or advisor Andy Merritt at agm11@scasd.org. 

    Leadership Council

    Want to make a difference at State High? Leadership Council is the first step to representing your student body! Meetings are held approximately once per month and each is centered upon critical school needs such as middleschool mentorship, forming the Student Government equity and inclusivity statement, student and school accessability, as well as informing the student body of local and national governmental elections. Leadership council also invites guest speakers from the community such as political candidates, lawyers, and field experts, giving important advice not only on leadership, but on life lessons! You will advocate for yourself and other students by discussing these issues, including problems, solutions, and improvements! Additionally, all candidates running for Student Government office must be members of Leadership Council. Apply now!

    Leadership Council Applications for 2022-2023 Open Here! 

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    Our Statement!

    We recognize that we cannot claim to adequately represent voices of all students, specifically students who often have been left out, when our organization does not include, celebrate, and advocate for them. This is important work. We intend our work to be a model for other governing structures. 


    This is not the end, but the beginning of a multi-faceted overhaul of our practices. It is a promise to do better; to be mindful and proactive in our school governance of including students and groups that have been marginalized.


    Therefore, we, the members of the State College Area High School Student Government, serving in both elected and voluntary positions within the student body, recognize that we, through our involvement in this organization, have a responsibility to all students. 


    • Whereas, we recognize that the American public school system has not consistently and adequately represented the rich diversity of our nation.


    • Whereas, we recognize our responsibility in the creation of a truly equitable, safe, and just school for all students, faculty, staff, and community members. 


    • Whereas, we recognize that our role is to thoughtfully consider the vast amount of diverse ideas and challenge those who obstruct all students' ability to a high quality education; and to educate and advocate for policies that raise up individuals and groups that have often been left out. 


    • Resolved, we dedicate ourselves to the work of equality, equity and inclusion. We will celebrate and work with all people, while challenging ideas, policies and procedures that obstruct all students' right to a high quality education.


    • Resolved, we will increase opportunities for student involvement with real change, empowering all students, and providing them with the tools to create the school community they deserve. 


    • Resolved, we will revise the Student Government officer application process, allowing for greater accessibility and opportunity to all students. 

    Resolved, we will seek out and encourage more diverse and underrepresented students to contend for leadership positions and encourage more participation in the Leadership Council.


Last Modified on August 25, 2022