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  • Booster Club Meeting

    Step up and be a part of our planning for next season!

    The Booster Club plays a vital role in supporting the middle school and high school boys' basketball teams.  We need parents of younger players to become involved to keep the activities of the Booster Club running smoothly.  Please attend the next meeting to learn how you can help support the program.

    Next Meeting:  The next regularly scheduled meeting will be September 14, 2020.  

    Any other pre-season planning meetings or Booster club-sponsored events will be announced via email and will be listed on the websites. 

    Booster Club Meeting Minutes: February 10, 2020
  • Photos Available Online:

    Photos ordered at the start of the season are in and will be distributed by the Team Coordinators.  If you did not order photos and would like to order, you may still do so through the end of February 2020.

    Order State College Boys' Basketball photos online at the VjmStudio gallery. Password available through team coordinator.


  • Social Media Links: 

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    Facebook: State College Boys Basketball    
    Twitter: @StateHighHoops



Seatback Takedown-Thanks for your Participation!

Seatback Takedown Photo

Meet the Players Night Photo

Meet the Players Night Photo
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