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    MP Mid Penn Streaming

    Week of September 18

    September 18: Lift 3:50-4:15 Practice 4:25- 6:30

    September 19: Practice 4:15-6:30

    September 20: At Central Dauphin.  5:30 JV start.  Bus leaves 3:00 N Turf

    September 21: Lift 3:50-4:15 Practice 4:25- 6:30

    September 22: Practice 4:15-6:30

    September 23: Home JV tournament.  TBD


    Week of September 25

    September 25: Home vs Chambersburg. 5:30 JV start

    September 26:  Lift 3:50-4:15 Practice 4:25- 6:30

    September 27: Home vs CV. 5:30 JV start

    September 28: Homecoming parade

    September 29: Practice 4:15-5:30

    September 30: JV at CV tournament. TBD


    What to do prior to tryouts:
    You must register through SCASD athletics on Family ID and complete concussion testing by August 1 (all on the athletics homepage).  Also, you will need to be certified at the fitness center if you haven't already been certified - SCASD Fitness Center
    Positive Performance Pathway
    Know and do what is right (this builds trust)
    Do your best with relentless effort (this builds commitment)
    Do it with compassion and care for others (this builds love)
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