Welcome to the new school year!  If you are a new student, it’s great to have you with us.  If you are returning, we’re glad to have you back.

    This handbook is for you.  It includes the policies and procedures for which you are responsible during your years at State College Area High School.  It was prepared with your needs and the needs of all members of the school community in mind.  The procedures for good school citizenship provided in this handbook are mostly matters of courtesy and common sense.  They are meant for your benefit and that of your fellow students.

    Your conduct at all times should reflect good citizenship.  You are expected to show respect for the property, rights, and privileges of others.  In return, you may expect this respect from others.  You are responsible to the school authorities and your parents for your conduct while you are a school citizen. Good behavior can help make your school life a happy and rewarding one.  Please pay careful attention to what is in your handbook, discuss it with your parents and classmates; and if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.
    Handbook Guidelines

    The intent of these guidelines is to promote responsible and appropriate student behavior while enhancing the learning climate and creating school spirit.

    The idea of developing a “learning community” is the driving force behind this handbook. These guidelines contribute to a safe, secure and nurturing environment free of disruption, discrimination and harassment. We wish to create an atmosphere in our school that fosters success for all students.

    Respect for ourselves and others is one of the most significant factors contributing to the success of our learning community. As a community member, it is critical that you respect yourself, your peers, and the adults who work here every day.

    These guidelines may not address all possible issues. Therefore, it may be necessary for the Administration or faculty to make a determination in some instances.  As for responding to student conduct, the Administration reserves the right to modify disciplinary action based on individual circumstances and investigation. 


Last Modified on May 15, 2024