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    We live in very unique community and are surrounded by beautiful and abundant natural resources.  I look forward to engaging students in discussions about the interactions between the various Earth Systems and the implications of those systems' with human involvement.  My basic goal is for students to become knowledgeable about the world. Like my good friend's grandma would say, "Get outside and play!". 
    Before I started teaching here at State College, I was involved in a variety of outdoor environmental schools  -  in Estes Park, CO, Olympic Peninsula, OR and summer camps in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.  I was also a trail crew leader in the big woods of Washington and Oregon and built some beautiful trails with teens to some inspirational vistas and waterfalls.  
    Lately, I've been busy helping with Scouts, spending time with family, and exploring the outdoors. 
    Lady Liberty    
    DAY A
    1.  Individual prep. rm. C 026
    2.  Earth Systems Science -1, room C-028
    3.  Earth Systems Science -1, room C-028
    4.  Earth Systems Science -1, room C-028
    DAY B
    5. Advanced Earth Systems Science -1, room C-001
    6.  Studyhall coverage - TBA
    7.1-2  9LC planning (if a M, T, or W)
    7.1-2  PLC planning (if a Th or F)
    7.3  Lunch
    8.  Advanced Earth Systems Science -1, room C-028


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