• Mrs. Jennifer Miller

    Accounting & Finance Teacher

    FBLA Advisor

    E-mail:            [email protected]
    Work Phone:    814-231-1111
    Mobile Phone:  814-360-5225
    2021-22 Course Schedule:
    (All classes are in Room E121)
          Day A:
              Period 1 - Advanced Stocks & Investments 2 / Little Lion Fund
              Period 3 - Advanced Accounting 1
              Period 4 - Stocks & Investments
          Day B:
              Period 5 - Advanced Accounting 2
              Period 7 - Stocks & Investments
    Program of Study Description: 

    Accounting & Finance students learn the basic principles of the accounting cycle, which includes analyzing transactions, journalizing, preparing closing entries, generating a trial balance, and preparing financial statements. Students will also gain an understanding of stocks, bonds, and other tradable instruments, and the markets in which they are traded.  Understanding keys to decision making, whether it be financial, corporate, or personal will be fundamental to the program. Participation in FBLA will further develop skills in communication and business.

Last Modified on February 9, 2022