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Ms. Manhart

Ms. Manhart has been teaching in the State College School District since 2003.  She has taught middle, high school, and adult level courses and holds a B.S. in secondary education English as well as a M.S. in Library Science. She also works as a supervisor of interns at the high school enrolled in the secondary English PDS partnership with Penn State.  Ms. Manhart serves on the REACT team at the high school to help heal divides between students and to ensure emotional and intellectual safety for all students.  A healthy, strong sense of community in our school and classrooms is a priority she works to develop on behalf of all students.

Ms. Manhart loves igniting a passion for reading and writing for each student - at the heart of her instruction is a belief that every student can succeed and has the desire to do well.  Her role is to support each student's growth and success by making the connection to relevance in the work of the English classroom.  A balance of whole-class novel instruction and choice reading throughout the year will help students to find pleasure and deep purpose in the work that we do.  Homework will be kept to a minimum and assigned thoughtfully, as current research does not support homework as a particularly significant learning task.  In-class activities and discussions help to shape our understanding, and therefore regular attendance is critical for students.  Please see the course syllabus under "Course Information" or contact Ms. Manhart for more information.

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work: (814) 272-4219

cell: (814) 590-7410





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