Michael Goldfine
    12th Grade English
    Healthy Habits of the Mind Coach
    North Buildingfrom Workshop



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    Good teaching promotes rigor and discipline.
    Good teaching exercises and strengthens Healthy Habits of the Mind.

    Good teaching nurtures the student's Emotional Intelligence.

    As Einstein said "Imagination is more important than Knowledge."

    Teachers are coaches and students are athletes.

    Teachers are not fountains of wisdom and students are not empty vessels.

    Classwork should often be intellectual workouts and exercises.

    What is important to teach and practice should improve the students
        quality of life as well as prepare them for college.

    Depth is more important than breath.

    Learning to write clearly is learning to think clearly.

    Learning to organize and development essays is learning to organize
       and develop thinking.
    Reading fiction exercises the imagination and enlarges the personal world
    As Einstein said, "If You Want Your Children To Be Intelligent, Read Them Fairy
         Tales.  If You Want Your Children To Be More Intelligent, Read Them More
          Fairy Tales."  

Last Modified on August 23, 2018