• State College Virtual School
    Beginning in the Summer of 2011 the State College Area School District started offering individual virtual flex classes that State High students may take to try and meet their individual needs. The courses have been designed to align with the SCASD curriculum. These courses will continue to be offered in the regular classroom setting as well. Most of the courses will be run through software titled Edgenuity. For more information on Edgenuity please visit the "Resources" tab on our website. The only flex course that will not be run through Edgenuity is Drivers Education, which will be run through SCoodle.
    Course Success
    Success in these virtual courses will be highly dependent on a student’s motivation, ability to learn independently, and time management skills. Students who struggle in these areas should consider taking the course in the traditional setting.

    Students who take these courses will move through the course at their own pace with the understanding of the deadline for completion. SCASD teachers will oversee a student’s progress through the course and will be available to answer any questions and meet with the students. The courses are entirely online, with the exception of the Physical Education courses which will also require a physical activity component.

    2019-20 Sessions  (Dates are subject to change.)

    PLEASE NOTE: A student must be enrolled in 8 credits on their regular High School schedule to be eligible to take flex courses during the fall and spring sessions.

    2019 Fall Session: 8/26/19 - 1/21/20                 Registration closes at 3:00 p.m. on 8/30/19.
    2020 Spring Session: 1/22/20 - 6/9/20               Registration is now open until 3:00 p.m. on 2/5/20.
                                                                                     Cancellation Deadline 2/5/20
    Registration for the Summer 2020 session will open up on 2/6/20 after the Spring 2020 session has closed.

    Courses Offered (Credits, Cost)
    Health 1 (.50, $245)         Physical Education 9   (.50, $245)         Drivers Education (.25, $125)
    Health 2 (.50, $245)         Physical Education 10 (.50, $245)
                                             Physical Education 11 (.50, $245)
                                             Physical Education 12 (.50, $245)


    Registration for flex courses are online and payment can be made with a MasterCard or a Visa credit card. Written directions for registering are available at the Counseling Offices. To begin registration, click the "REGISTER NOW" button.
    Register Now button
         Please note - If this button does not work, copy and paste this link into your browser address bar - https://register.asapconnected.com/default.aspx?org=4107 
    All cancellations require a completed/signed Cancellation Form. Cancellation Forms are available at the Counseling Offices or through the link above. To receive a refund, this form should be submitted to the Director, Jon Downs, within two weeks from the start of the virtual session (see the cancellation deadline dates above). Refunds are subject to a $15 processing fee.
    Contact Information:  Dr. Jon Downs, Director              Jennifer Scudder, Coordinator
                                          653 Westerly Parkway                        jls68@scasd.org
                                          State College, PA 16801
                                                (814) 231-1000
Last Modified on January 16, 2020