Ms. Veronica Iacobazzo
    English and IB Teacher

    Email: vpi11@scasd.org 

    Voicemail: (814) 272-8364

    I am happy to help and am available to meet during other blocks during the day to answer questions, workshop writing, provide additional review, etc. Please use the schedule below for your planning. Social distancing and remote learning will impact our ability to meet in person. It is possible with notice. Please email me if and when a student would like to meet, and we can work out logistics. This may be to meet using Google Meet, Zoom or simply digital feedback on student work. 


    Fall Semester

    Spring Semester


    Prep CP English 12 D215


    PLC/Duty CP English 11 D215


    CP English 11 D214 CP English 11 D215


    IB TOK Year 2 D214 Prep

Last Modified on August 20, 2020