• Parent Information Introduction
    No one school or approach to education can easily satisfy the needs and aspirations of all students and parents.  For this reason, progressive communities welcome a variety of education approaches.  Where such variety exists, parents and prospective students can explore the available alternatives, compare and contrast their features, and then choose a school that best matches each student's and family's interests and goals.
    The State College area is fortunate to be such a community, and the Delta Program is pleased to be one of the many educational alternatives it offers.  This section is meant to help Delta parents and others present and explain the Delta Program to interested parents and students, with the hope that they might better understand its special features and make a sound decision as to whether or not Delta is the right choice for them.  Ultimately, that decision rests with parents and family.  Browse through the links in this section for useful information to help make the choice easier.
Last Modified on September 9, 2015