• General Expectations for Gary's Courses: 

    Materials: In class, we will use a variety of primary documents, text excerpts, and other materials. I will post readings and instructional materials in my website (whenever possible) and/or provide hard copies so that students may access materials outside of class time. Students are expected to maintain complete and organized notes throughout the semester.

    Assignments: Students will access assignment information and due dates through my website. If I happen to forget to post an assignment, please email me.

    Make-up Work: As stated in the Delta Student Handbook: “Students with an excused absence have the right and responsibility to make up work, assignments or tests for a class. Teachers will set a reasonable time limit on completion of make-up work. Students are expected to contact all teachers on the day that they return from an absence to obtain missed assignments, notes, materials, etc. Any assignment that is missed due to an unexcused absence cannot be made up for credit.” Students are expected to have all homework assignments completed by the class period when they are due.  If unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent students from completing work on time, students are expected to communicate ahead of time to discuss possible options.

    Grading: Course grades will be based on total points. Grades will be updated on a regular basis and made available online through the Home Access Center.

    Participation: As members of a class, students are expected to be active, respectful participants. Effective participation involves being on time and prepared for class, participating in all class activities, and contributing to discussions thoughtfully and respectfully. You have a responsibility for the success of this class?

    Academic Integrity: Students are expected to maintain academic integrity and to complete all assignments individually, unless group work is specifically permitted. The State College Area School District's Academic Integrity Policy can be accessed here. Students who submit plagiarized work will not receive credit for the assignment. A discussion will be held with the student and his/her advisor to discuss academic integrity. Students should always ask if they have questions about plagiarism or citing sources!

    Other Expectations: See the Delta Student Handbook for other important expectations, including attendance, technology, and more!

Last Modified on July 14, 2019