The Westing Game

    By Ellen Raskin

    Assigned Readings:


    For 4/11:  chapters 1-8 (including chapter 8) 

    For 4/18: chapters 9-16 (including 16)

    For 4/25:  chapters 17-24 (including 24

    For 5/2:  chapters 25-30 (end)

    For 5/9:  Ending assignment

    Assignment #1:  Due on 4/11:  Complete the character grid for you assigned character!  

    The Westing Game—Assignment #3--due 4/25


    Research the topic:  Stock market. You may want to research using www.nyse.com  Write a brief paragraph of what is your understanding of the stock market.    Turtle invests her money in the stock market.  What stocks would you buy? Why?  Write a brief rationale for your choices.  



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