Due to construction, we will only be offering parking to seniors and students who are enrolled in the following classes Clinical Observations, Nurse Aide Training, and Health Professions.  Applications can be found on the website through the "Student Parking Application" link below.    If more parking becomes available, students will be notified through email at the beginning of the next semester. 
    Seniors can access the parking application by going to the following link: Student Parking Application.  This link will be available approximately one week before school begins.  Once you fill out the application, please bring the following items to Jason Walker at the High School North Main Office beginning the first day of school:  confirmation email, valid driver's license, and payment of $60 to get your parking permit.  Please make checks payable to SCASD.  If we are unable to accommodate all seniors with parking, we will issue parking permits on a first come, first serve basis.
    The following information will be needed for the application process:
    • Student ID
    • Email address of parent or guardian
    • Valid Driver’s license (NO applications will be accepted without a photo driver's license)
    • Vehicle information
    • Signing off on the parking pass rules
    Students with outstanding fines will be unable to receive a parking permit until the fine is paid in full.
    Temporary parking passes will be available to students with a pre-approved parent note for the reason of medical appointments during school hours.
    Possession of a parking pass does not guarantee a parking space.
    Please report any change to vehicle information to security office.  Permits are not transferable.
Last Modified on August 9, 2016