• Welcome to 8th Grade Science


    Ms. Jane Rubba - Red Team Science Teacher

    Welcome to 8th Grade Science class, this will be an exciting year with an overall theme of change.  Expect to work hard and have fun as we explore the world we live in and how change occurs in it.  The concepts we will learn about will build from the topics you mastered in 6th and 7th grade science.  We will use hands on activities and labs to understand concepts in chemistry, genetics, evolution, weather, climate, and climate change.  

    Materials Needed for Class:

    1. A Composition Style Notebook (No Spiral Bound Notebooks Please)

    2. A Folder for Loose Leaf Papers

    3. Pencils! Pencils! Pencils!

    Optional Materials - Pens, A Highlighter, and a Glue Stick


    Please check my Agenda for assignments.


Last Modified on August 18, 2022