• Hi, my name is Mrs. Harter and I love teaching Art to kids of all grade levels.
    When I'm not teaching Art, I'm working in my ceramic studio, or riding my bike.
    I really enjoy spending weekends at our cabin with friends and family; grandsons Kaleb and Kamdyn.
    In Art class we look at and talk about all sorts of Artwork by famous artists.
    We use a variety of materials to create and express ideas,
    including, but not limited to:paper, pencils, crayons, markers, pastels,
    watercolors, tempera paint, scissors, glue, clay, wire, yarn,  fabric and i pads!
    Some materials are messy to work with, but we will try to be careful.
    Please dress appropriately for Art class. You may bring in a large t-shirt or smock.
    If you forget and are wearing something super special, please ask me for a plastic apron.
      I'm excited to teach Lemont students on Tuesdays.
    9:00 - 9:40 Mrs. Pagnotto's Kindergarten  class
    12:20 - 1:00  Mrs. Brown's Primary class
    1:10 - 1:50   Mrs. Wilson's Primary class
    2:00 - 2:40    Mrs. Bryan's Primary class
Last Modified on September 14, 2012