• *Booster Club Clothing Order

    Hi everyone!
    Although the SCASD track and field teams are not on the track right now, the booster club still wanted to send you this info about our clothing order. This is one way you can support our teams and also perhaps provide a pick me up to your child since they aren’t competing due to this unprecedented situation, although this is entirely optional. All sales are online and will be available for either contactless pickup or delivery but all payment must be online. Here is the link:  https://stores.collegiateprideinc.com/sc_track_and_field/shop/home
    Orders will be accepted until 11pm on Wednesday evening so we can arrange for as fast of a turn around as possible with Collegiate Pride still working mainly from home through the shutdown. Contact me with any questions!
    Thank you!
    Jaimie Miller
    SCTF Booster Club President 



    4/27 Update

    Dear Middle School Track Athletes:

    I have a good news for you!

    Nittany Track and Field club (many of you participated in it last summer) is coming online with



    While we are unable to set up regular face-to-face practices this spring, club coaches are eager to share their knowledge and work with you remotely through the next month. This program will help you stay in touch with our track community and get access to more training resources.

    The one-month program is fully sponsored by the NTF club and is made free to anybody! If you want to train and stay “on track” with your goals, then join! If you are on sprints / jumps side, you will train with Artie Glikes. If you are on distance side, you will train with Jayson Jackson (those of you who did cross country with the club know him well). Here is MORE INFORMATION.

    And here is the sign-up link: https://clubs.bluesombrero.com/nittanytrackandfield

    We will start May 1st, so you have about a week to think about it.

    Now, this week, especially if you decide to join the NTF Virtual Season, I would like you to do some conditioning work. It will include three workouts:

    Day 1: General fitness: Run 10-25 min (depending on your event orientation) at easy pace / do the full set of dynamic stretches and drills / Do 4-5 buildups on the flat field with focus on form.

    Day 2: Core and run: Complete the following core sets (no break between exercises; 3 min break between sets):

    (a)    15 burpies/ 30 sec ab crunches / 30 sec mountain climbers

    (b)    5-10 pushups / 30 sec bicycles / 10 squat jumps

    (c)    10 burpies with pushups / 1 min plank

    Run options: (a) 20-30 min at easy to moderate pace; (b) 12 x 100 m shuttles on the flat field at faster than moderate pace with short 30-sec breaks between reps (this is cardio work, not sprint!).

    Day 3: Speed and power:  Repeat the “shoe box” workout from a couple of weeks ago. Take 5-7 min recovery. Add sprints: 3x30m, 3x50m (these should be done from still start at maximum speed, with full rest between reps. Cool down job for 5 min and stretch.

    To join the "Middle School Track 2020" Remind, just text this code @mfedki to this number 81010.  

    *For the fastest response, please call Coach Sutherland at 814-466-6353 if you have any questions or concerns.  


    Parent Transportation Release Form- we will have copies with us at meets if you want to transport your student home.  Students may only ride with their parents or guardians.  They will not be released to friends or other family members.

    Spring 2020 Athletes





    Distance Coaches (400M-3200M)-
    Mark Fedkin - ntfxc.club@gmail.com
    Kelly Conron- klc24@scasd.org
    Sprints/Hurdles (100M-400M)-
    Bob Sutherland - (814) 466-6353
    Amanda Campbell - a_campbell_27@hotmail.com
    Dave Henderson - drh18@scasd.org
    Throwing Coach (Shot and Disc)-
    Kayla Owens- kayla.owens5@gmail.com
    Jumping Coach (Long, High, and Triple)-
    Link to an overview of various track and field events for those new to the sport: 
Last Modified on April 27, 2020