Welcome to Band!!! 

    My name is Ms. Brownson, and I am thrilled to be holding the baton at PFMS! Learn more about me on my About Me page!

    If you need to contact me, please send me a note at rhb12@scasd.org or call my school phone at 814.272.3882. 
    Please check out the new requested items on my Recommended Equipment page! You will need:
    • Binder
    • Tradition of Excellence book 2 (blue) or book 3 (green)

    • 5 Minute Drill book (7 Percussion) or 9 Minute Drill (8 Percussion)

    ROAR for BAND


    Respect: Self, Others, Property

    Organization: Keep it together, bring your instrument and accessories and have all your music with you! This goes for everyone.

    Attitude: Positive, willing to work, and encouraging!

    Responsibility: Prepare, Show up, Work hard, Help others!

    The ensemble curriculum is based on the National Association for Music Education's 2014 Standards: Ensemble Strand. Check here for more information. 


    Lessons are on a rotating schedule. Lessons are an important part of Band Curriculum, and your grade. This is where you learn the techniques of how to play your specific instrument, and I can work with you in smaller groups to meet your own learning needs. Please make sure you attend them or discuss with me how to make them up!

    Lessons will take place in the Band Room (556). 


    Both bands rehearse day 3 and 6, and once during AREA each cycle. THIS IS OUR CLASS PERIOD,  AND WILL BE GRADED. These rehearsals are where we put things together as a group and work on our ensemble skills, and in order to do this, you must prepare your music ahead of time. Please practice ahead of time and work out notes and rhythms so you can be 100% tuned in to what we are doing as an ensemble.
Last Modified on October 24, 2023