• Welcome to 9LC    
    Welcome to 9LC!
    (9th Grade Learning Comunity)
    ...to promote a successful transition for incoming ninth grade students by providing a system that encourages responsive teaching and learning. Teachers collaborate in order to help students reach their potential, establish healthy relationships, and discover their strengths and passions in a safe and welcoming learning environment.
    What does 9LC look like?

    9LC is a purposeful, transition-based learning community consisting of 5 cohorts of teachers. Cohorts include 1 English teacher, 1 Earth System Science teacher, 1 Physical Education and Health teacher, and 1 World History I teacher. All incoming freshmen are assigned to a cohort. Cohorts provide supports built through teacher collaboration time to create meaningful relationships with 9th-grade students. Collaborative time focuses on student achievement, student progress, and transition topics.


     Additional Information:
    • 9LC teachers will present and model strategies intended to help students gain social skills, career explorations, study skills and habits, health and wellness

    • Students are not at all limited in their elective choices 

    • Cohort groups are not as prominent as middle school teams; students may not realize they are on a cohort

    • Baseline data is being collected with a plan to analyze the program’s success and inform future direction

    • Begin exploration of college and career options; introduce Student Learning Communities (SLCs)


Last Modified on March 16, 2022