• HS Project Calendar Update (attachment VI-D1)
    Attached is an update to the detailed High School project planning calendar. This calendar replaces the previously published calendar,  dated September 17, 2014. Items of note include:
    30% Design Review:
       Student review: October 29
       Security team review: October 29
       Public Information Fair: October 29
       Work Session: November 3
       Action: November 10
       The public hearing for the text amendment on building height is planned for December 1.
       The zoning variance request hearing for the parking and setback issues is scheduled for October 28.
    60% Design Review:
       Draft target dates have been established for the next phase of development.
    District Wide Feasibility Study (attachment VI-D2) (DWFS Introduction) (DWFS PowerPoint)
                Due to the extremely large file size, you may need to download the file by right-clicking the hyperlink for attachment VI-D2, then selecting Save Target As.
Last Modified on October 27, 2014