• Delta Expectations 


    Every member of Delta has:


    • The right to free expression within the bounds of other Delta guidelines, and with the understanding that each person will take into account the sensibilities and personal dignity of others.


    • The right to expect that she/he will be treated with courtesy, respect, and kindness.  Feelings, thoughts and opinions will be communicated directly to each other.  When conflicts arise, they will be resolved peacefully, privately, and with consideration for others in the school community.  Violence is never acceptable in the Delta community.


    • The responsibility to act in ways which support the learning and growth of others.  Staff members have a special responsibility to be nurturing to students.


    • The right to expect that everyone will attend class, everyone will be on time, everyone will be prepared, and everyone will be attentive.


    • The responsibility to act in an appropriate manner in the community at large, remembering that individual actions reflect on Delta.


    • The right to expect that individual and community property will not be altered, damaged, or stolen by people in the program.


    • The right to expect that each person will be aware of and responsible for his/her own property and the property of others.


    • The right to expect that consequences will be applied to those who violate these expectations.


    These expectations were developed and agreed upon by students and staff at the

    Delta Program All School Meeting in March, 1985.