• Democratic Process

    Democratic schools demonstrate respect and trust of students. These schools strive to create an environment of equity shared by students and teachers. Students, through the democratic process, become empowered to shape their own learning experience, developing essential leadership and  problem solving skills useful later in life. Democratic Schools can be governed in a variety of ways, but all allow students, parents, and teachers to collaborate on important decisions.

    The Delta Program functions as a democratic school. In addition to calling teachers by their first names, students feel comfortable approaching
    teachers to ask for help on class projects or for advice on a wide range of issues. Students meet weekly as an entire school and in small groups known as “clumps” to discuss issues affecting Delta’s community.

    At the beginning of each school year, representatives are selected to serve on Advisory Council, a group of fourteen students, three parents, and three teachers that meets to discuss school governance and policy. Students meet with their Advising Team (their advisor and parents) three times during the school year to outline academic schedules and create goals for the student.
    For more information on Delta’s governing bodies and democratic process, see the Governance and Decision Making page.