• Mrs. Doebler


    My name is Mrs. Doebler and this is my fourth year at State High (seventh year teaching).  I currently teach CP Geometry, CP Algebra 2, and AP Statistics at State High.  For information about these courses, please click the links on the left.


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    Email: mjp39@scasd.org

    Phone: 235 - 4593


    A-Day Schedule
    1st Period - CP Geometry (B122)
    2nd Period - CP Geometry (B122)
    3rd Period - supervise advanced math (B122)
    4th Period - prep (probably math office - B132)


    B-Day Schedule
    5th Period - prep (probably math office - B132)
    6th Period - AP Statistics (B122)
    7th Period - AP Statistics (B122)
    8th Period - Hybrid CP Algebra 2 (B122)