• Beginning in the fall of 2019, both of the schools below combined into one building called Spring Creek Elementary School. 
    Built in 1938, the Lemont Elementary School houses students in kindergarten, first grade and second grade. 

    The school is nestled between idyllic Mount Nittany and Beaver Stadium on the Penn State University campus - home of the Nittany Lions.  Approximately 190 students attend the school.
    Students attend Houserville Elementary School for grades three, four and five. 

    The school, built in 1958, is on a large site that is also home to Fogleman Fields.  The property surrounding the school provides space for student gardens, an environmental center with a nature trail, blue bird boxes, and a large playground.  Approximately 180 students attend Houserville Elementary School.  
    Following fifth grade, students matriculate to Mount Nittany Middle School. 
    Dr. Todd Dishong, Principal
    Maggie McCaffrey, Secretary
Last Modified on August 27, 2020