• State High’s Career and Technical Center provides engaging, academically rigorous, and career-focused coursework and programs of study in a wide variety of content areas. A recommended program of study provides a roadmap for students to navigate educational options and prepare them to successfully transition into post-secondary education, careers, and lifelong learning. Post secondary institutions and business/industry have been consulted and have contributed to the recommended programs of study related to their specific areas of expertise.

    Explore the Possibilities

    High school is a great time to explore new opportunities. Students are encouraged to consider the possibilities of potential college majors and future career by investigating the many career-focused courses and programs of study State High offers. Students may discover a potential occupation, pastime, or student organization they had never before even considered. Course recommendations are only suggestions, not requirements, and students may choose courses from one or multiple programs, as well as change from one program to another based on interests and needs. In fact, students are encouraged to explore and experience any and all courses and programs in which they show interest, skill or even curiosity. Working closely with a counselor to carefully consider the available options will help ensure students meet their educational and career goals.



    Director: Ben Mordan, Ph.D., brm20@scasd.org, 814-272-8454

    Secretary: Shannon Whysong, smw37@scasd.org, 814-231-5083