• State High’s Career and Technical Center provides engaging, academically rigorous, and career-focused coursework and programs of study (POS) in a wide variety of content areas. An approved POS for each program, provides a roadmap for students to navigate educational options and prepare them to successfully transition into post-secondary education, careers, and lifelong learning. Stakeholders representing post-secondary institutions, businesses, and local industries continue to partner with our CTC to provide advice, recommendations, and resources to promote continual improvement in all programs.  This collaboration and continued effort, results in our ability to provide top notch teachers, facilities, and partnerships. We believe that CTC is an excellent option for all SCAHS students and encourage everyone to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

    Explore the Possibilities

    High school is the perfect time to explore new opportunities and develop valuable experience. Students are encouraged to research and consider future careers and potential college majors by investigating the many courses offered through the CTC at State High. Career and Technical Education (CTE) offers students the opportunity to develop critical skills through a combination of classes and hands-on learning experiences, which allow them to apply academics to real-world problems. See the PDE website and watch this promotion video for more information related to CTE in Pennsylvania. Students are encouraged to explore all programs and may enroll in courses from multiple programs based on interests and needs. Working closely with a counselor to carefully consider the available options will help ensure students meet their educational and career goals.  

    Director: Ben Mordan, Ph.D., brm20@scasd.org, 814-272-8454

    Secretary: Shannon Whysong, smw37@scasd.org, 814-231-4153