• Humble, Texas ISD has released this thank you video in appreciation for everyone who donated to their ongoing recovery from Hurricane Harvey. We are so proud to have played a small role in helping them with our Help Humble campaign. Watch the video.


    Superintendent Bob O’Donnell recently announced that our district has reached out to the Humble Independent School District to help it recover from extensive Hurricane Harvey flooding damage.

    Our connection with Humble and its 43 schools is Brian Peters, a teacher, Easterly Parkway principal and curriculum director with SCASD for 23 years. Brian is now an elementary principal in Humble.

    Here’s what Humble is saying about the recovery:

    “The Humble ISD Foundation will work with the school district in meeting school-related needs as a result of Hurricane Harvey such as school supplies for students whose homes were flooded and replacing school items damaged in the flooding such as books and technology.  While we are still trying to assess the extent of damage at our 43 schools, we do know that Kingwood High School suffered significant damage with several feet of water inside the building. In addition, our Instructional Support Center also had significant flooding in the first floor.”

    You can help by donating directly to the Humble Independent School District HERE. Please indicate "SCASD" in the "What inspired you to make a gift?" section, to express we care.

    In the meantime, we are working on other ways to assist Humble from one school community to another. We encourage students, teachers and staff to come up with your own ideas for helping. If you would like to help, please reach out to your building's principal. Let’s show that SCASD wants to see Humble’s schools and families back on their feet as soon as possible.


Last Modified on November 16, 2017