• The Delta Program--At a Glance

    The Delta Program is a community oriented, democratic school fostering choice, voice, and diversity of thought to develop engaged citizens and inspired leaders.

    Delta is a democratic school governed by students, teachers, and parents working together. Advisory Council is made up of parents, teachers, and students representing their clumps. Advisory Council makes school-wide decisions including schedule changes, changes to the handbook, and budget use. The Delta community also makes decisions through All-School Meeting (during the school day), a once-weekly meeting of students and teachers to discuss and vote on relevant issues including school policies.

    Delta is community-focused, so there is a half hour taken out of the school day for Democracy in Action. Democracy in Action includes All-School Meeting (ASM),Committees, Community Building, and Clump (a group of fifteen-ish students with the same advisor that meets to discuss issues and have fun). Students select classes in consultation with their Advising Team, which consists of the student, parents, and advisor. Advising Teams meet two times per year to discuss the student’s growth and experience at Delta.

    Delta students can take classes at Delta, State High, and Penn State. Students can also complete independent contracts, which are classes outside of school to get school credit. Delta students are also required to complete 30 hours of community service per year and a graduation project.

    To read more about our enrollment procedures, click HERE OR call (814) 231-1000.