• Invitation to the Bell

    Every Monday Morning, Ferguson Township Elementary School "invites the bell" so that we can feel calm and present and ready to learn.  The recordings found here are of the mindfulness practices that we've offered since starting to learn online.  Feel free to access them during the week so that you can feel calm, safe and maybe even a little more content at any time of day.

    Allow, Soften and Take Care - Click Here

    Butterfly Body Scan - Click here

    Mindful Listening - Click here

    Taking in the Good - Click here

     Checking in and a Silent Sigh - Click here

    Mindful Seeing with a Smile  - Click here

    Heartfulness Practice - Click here

    A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart - Click here

    My Breath is an Anchor - Click here


    Mindful Movement

    Here are a few poses and sequences that can help you connect with your breath and the present moment.

    Mindful Movement - Animal Pets on Zoom - Click here

    Mindful Movement in the Forest and Checking in with your Zone - Click here

    Mindful Movement with Breath - Click here


    Mindfulness Presentations

    Want to know more about mindfulness?  I have created some videos in which I discuss the science of mindfulness and the benefits of practicing

    What is Mindfulness? Why does it Matter? - Click here

    Mindfulness and the Hand Model of the Brain - Click here


    Mindfulness Lessons and Read Alouds

    Some days I Flip My Lid - Click here

    Wheel of Awareness and Mind Bubbles - Click here

    My Incredible Talking Body and Body Scan Practice Click here

    What Does it Mean to be Present and Practice - Click here


    Yoga Practices 

    Yoga for Opening Shoulders and Chest - Click here

    Yoga Hip Opener - Click here

    Opening, Stretching and Creating Space - Click here

    Yoga to Wake Up the Glutes Click here

    Yoga for Aligning the Spine and Opening the Upper Back Click here