After touring another school district, I realized I needed more plush in my room
  • Hallo! Mein Name ist Dennis Wilt (Herr Wilt for German class - I do not respond to Mr. Wilt). This is my third year at Mount Nittany Middle, and I am SO grateful to be here and work with your child(ren)! I also taught English at a university in Graz, Austria during the 2018-19 academic year. Surely, I have worked with students from all levels K-16, but I am particularly fond of working with middle school students as they start to understand themselves more fully and grow into their own skin (both physically and figuratively). 

    I am originally from Altoona, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA, in 2018. While there, I was able to study abroad in Germany and twice in Mexico; in fact, I have been to over 15 countries. Traveling and getting to know people from different cultures deeply - beyond cultural stereotypes - are my passions, second only to teaching students how fun and rewarding it is to understand, write, and speak in another language. 


    Some favorites while we’re here: 

    Favorite Disney Movie: Lilo and Stitch 

    Favorite Video Game: The Legend of Zelda 

    Favorite food: Auflauf - Check it out here

    Favorite Color: Grün! - Green


    Please check your class’s Google Classrom page for assignments and other course materials. 


    Again, my contact information: 

    Dennis Wilt


    I look forward to this year! Tschüss!