• Ken "KC" Cherry

    About Me

    I grew up in State College, and have been a part of the State College community all of my life. After graduating from State High, I attended Juniata College and received a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Philosophy. Then, after spending 7 years as a bartender, I finally found my calling as a tutor in the area. I spent 4 years tutoring full time and taking courses part-time towards my teaching certificate at Penn State. I'm glad to finally be teaching at State High, giving back to the community that raised me.


    2021-2022 Schedule

    Day A / Odd Days

    Block 1 (Periods 1-2): CP Geometry [Room: B120]

    Block 2 (Periods 3-4): CP Geometry [Room: B120]

    Block 4 (Periods 8-9): CP Geometry [Room: B120]


    Day B / Even Days

    Block 2 (Periods 3-4): Seminar 1 (Math 180)

    Block 3 (Periods 5,7): Seminar 2 (Pre-Algebra)






Last Modified on August 19, 2022