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    The State College Area School District is proud to operate the following LEED Buildings:
    State College High School - Gold
    State College North/Delta Building - Gold
    Corl Street Elementary School - Gold
    Radio Park Elementary School - Gold
    Spring Creek Elementary School - Gold
    Ferguson Township Elementary School - Silver
    Mount Nittany Elementary School - Silver
    For more info on LEED go to:

    We are proud to be partnering with State College Borough to expand the recycling of organic waste!  Park Forest Elementary and Radio Park are now on board.  At Park Forest Elementary paper towels are even being recycled, which is saving significant costs for waste hauling.
    Organic waster
    paper towels  Rp recycling


    Physical Plant is working with staff and students to save energy and conserve resources.

    Energy use:

    Each of our buildings is Benchmarked through the EPA's EnergyStar Program. We use this program to rate our buildings against buildings of similar type across the country. A rating of 75 or above is considered to be among the leaders in its category. To download the ratings, click the link below:

    To learn more about EnergyStar go to:


    Summer Energy Conservation:

    Our Physical Plant team has maintained a goal of Energy Conservation for a number of years. Each month we review our consumption and talk about ways to improve. In the summer of 2008, we began a program to cut back on summer energy use. To read about this successful program, click on some of the links below:

    Summer shut down 2008

    Charts showing the savings for each building in Kwh for the summers of 2009 and 2010 are below:

    Summer shut down 2009

    Summer shut down 2010


    Our Board of School Directors has adopted a resolution of Sustainability, you can read this important commitment by clicking the link below:

    Board Resolution

    We have just completed the New Mount Nittany Elementary School and Renovated Ferguson Township Elementary School, which are being considered for LEED certification. To learn more about these buildings check out their page!


    To learn more about the LEED rating system for sustainable buildings, check out the Green Building Council's Web site!



    The District has been engaged in energy conservation and sustainability projects. Over the past few years we have completed:

    -Lighting upgrades at Park Forest Middle
    -Lighting upgrades at Radio Park Elementary
    -Lighting upgrades at Corl Street Elemetary
    -Boiler upgrades at Corl Street Elementary
    -Cool Roofing System at Park Forest Middle
    -Lighting upgrades at Mount Nittany Middle
    -Window upgrades at Lemont Elementary
    -LED exit signs, District Wide
    -New boilers at Panorama Village

    -Cool Roofing System at Radio Park
    -Lighting upgrades in the Gym and Pool and High School North
    -Lighting upgrades at the Easterly Parkway All Purpose Room
    -Third party energy audits through a West Penn Power grant
    -Lighting and kitchen equipment at Park Forest Elementary.

    We are planning for more projects!


    The District has undergone a major initiative to convert its cleaning system to "Green" chemicals. We use products that have been certified through the Green Seal process, to learn more about this check out their Web page:



    Each of our building recycles Paper, Glass and Plastic. We have also started recycling at some of our outdoor venues like Memorial Field. In addition to standard wastes, the district recycles its fluorescent light bulbs to keep Mercury out of the waste stream. Very soon the buildings in State College Borough will partner with the Borough to compost organic kitchen waste.



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