• MTSS Interventionist



    I love being a PFE Penguin because I get to wear multiple "hats" at school. Each day is different and productive!  My favorite hat, the teacher hat, includes providing targeted instruction and assessment to K-5 general education students who demonstrate a need for additional support. Specifically, I provide small group math instruction to K - 4th graders who could use an extra dose of math instruction. Hat number two is coordinator of our multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) team meetings; collaboration between school and family helps to maximize success for all of our learners. I share a third hat with Mrs. Lighetti -- I help support the SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) lessons provided throughout the school. 
    Thank you for sharing your children with me this year. Whether greeting their smiling faces during arrival at school, working with them academically, or sharing a STAR ticket when I see them Showing kindness, Taking responsibly, Acting safely or Respecting everyone, I really enjoy all of my daily interactions with the students at Park Forest Elementary!