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    The National Council for the Social Studies has recently updated its definition of our subject:

    Social studies is the study of individuals, communities, systems, and their interactions across time and place that prepares students for local, national, and global civic life.


    Why we teach social studies!

    Using an inquiry-based approach, social studies helps students examine vast human experiences through the generation of questions, collection and analysis of evidence from credible sources, consideration of multiple perspectives, and the application of social studies knowledge and disciplinary skills. As a result of examining the past, participating in the present, and learning how to shape the future, social studies prepares learners for a lifelong practice of civil discourse and civic engagement in their communities. Social studies centers our knowledge of human rights and local, national, and global responsibilities so that learners can work together to create a just world in which they want to live.

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Last Modified on November 20, 2023