Greetings from the music room!  I am excited for another wonderful school year!  Last year the music rooms were filled with wonderful sounds and I am anticipating another year of terrific music.  


        This year, music will be filling the hallways of Spring Creek on Days 1, 3, 4 and 5, and Ferguson Elementary on Days 2 and 5. I will see each class for a 10-day rotation.
        In music class, there are musical activities for each child.  During class, students will explore singing (humming for this year), performing on instruments, moving to music, improvising, and composing.  In Kindergarten, First and Second grades, students will learn how to use their singing/humming voice and will explore rhythms on instruments.  Third graders will begin to read music notation and learn the recorder and fourth and fifth graders will have the opportunity to join choir and 5th graders will begin to learn the ukulele.  In grades 3-5, students also have the opportunity to share something musical or music related at the beginning of each class.  This is a wonderful showcase for your child’s talents and interests in music.

        If I can answer any questions or concerns you may have, please contact me through email = meb20@scasd.org

     Thank you for your support and encouragement of your students and the music program!


    Music 2020
Last Modified on October 3, 2020